Frequently Asked Questions

More information about our System.

Below you will find the questions we hear most often. If your question is not answered, we will be happy to assist you by phone through our Customer Service:

Why would my Senior need an Emergency Watch if he/she already has a cell phone?

Unlike a cell phone, our Emiti Smart Watch is always with our User, this because he/she will be wearing it all the time to feel safe and secure. The User can press the button to communicate with the previously registered familiar (Responsible) telephone number. Emiti is able to Detect Falls in real time, Monitor the User’s Heart Rate, and thus prevent risk situations and respond to Emergencies.

Can the Emit Watch also be used to make normal phone calls, for example to cell phones or home phones?

The call function will be only for the familiar’s (Responsible) previously registered phone number.

How many Emergency calls can be made per month from the Watch?

The Emiti Watch has 60 minutes of voice and data per month.

How good is the quality sound of the Emiti Watch?

The speaker and the microphone (integrated in the Watch) are Ultra High Sensitivity, the quality of the voice is classified as “GOOD” by Emiti Users. The quality sound is better if the User speaks to the microphone at a distance of 20 to 30 cm.

Do I need a subscription for the Watch communication?

Yes, the first year the Emiti Watch includes telephone, voice and data service (720 minutes) which must be renewed every year.

What happens when the Emiti Watch detects a fall?

When the Watch detects a fall, it links our User through a call with their Responsible or relatives. These Emergency notifications are registered at the moment in the Web App.

Where can I buy the Emiti Watch?

You can buy the Watch through our Online Store  and in the official points of sale like the Perfect Choice Boutique located in the city of Guadalajara in Plaza del Sol, Plaza Patria and La Gran Plaza and coming soon in Telcel stores.

Is the Watch waterproof?

The Emiti Watch is resistant to splashing water and can be showered. Although the Watch can be used inside the bathroom facilities, it cannot be kept under water during the bath or to be placed in the humidity zones for a long time as the water can seep into the inside of the Watch case.

Where does the Emiti Watch works?

The Emiti watch uses the available mobile phone networks. In Mexico about 100% of the populated areas are covered. Its use cannot always be guaranteed in remote areas and basements, garages, etc. For more information, please refer to the user manual.

Where can I use the Emiti Watch?

Because the Emiti Watch uses any mobile network that is available, it works where the mobile coverage area is. The area of use is defined in the Emiti subscription manual. The Emiti Watch can only be used within this area.

How often are false alarms?

Emiti has invested heavily in creating a false alarm prevention system. When the Emergency call button is pressed, the Emiti Watch will automatically call the familiar’s telephone number (Responsible) previously registered, in case it is a true alarm. On the other hand, the User can cancel the call by using the Watch button.

Can I call the Emiti Watch from a cell phone or a home phone?

You could only make calls to the Emiti Watch from the familiar’s previously registered phone number (Responsible).

Is it possible to locate the user wearing the Emiti Watch?

Based on our experience in Guadalajara, it is possible that the Emiti Watch-holder can call from its location in almost all cases. The Emiti GPS Watch can be located by individuals and / or Emergency Response Centers. After an alarm has been activated, a connection to the GPS satellites is automatically set to determine the location of the Watch and you can see the location map through our Web Application.


Vital Algorithms®

An Algorithm is defined by the set of systematic operations that allows to solve a specific problem. With Emiti’s Vital Algorithms®, we solve the problem of falls in seniors, thanks to our system of fall detection at the moment they happen, allowing us to act immediately in emergency situations. All information is confidential and will only be used with the consent of our customers.

Vital Monitoring

Our Monitoring consists in collecting and analyzing data, to use it for the benefit of our users. All information is confidential and will only be used with the consent of our customers.

Fall Detection

Through Emiti’s Fall Detection System, our Watch is able to locate our user in accidents and emergency situations. All information is confidential and will only be used with the consent of our customers.


It is the ability to obtain the actual geographical location of the user of our Emiti Watch.