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Emiti´s Monitoring Service

We offer uninterrupted Monitoring Service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, that maintains in direct communication our user with his/her relative in situations of emergency and risk. Rest assured that you and your relatives will be granted with the peace and tranquility you both deserve.

24/7 Monitoring Service

Emiti offers an uninterrupted Service that provides Personalized Monitoring Service facilitating communication in times of emergency or insecurity, loneliness and isolation. The communication is done through our intelligent Watch between the user and his/her relative. There is no restriction on use, only persons using pacemakers can not use our Emiti Watch because it interferes with the frequency of their medical device (pacemaker).

Emiti´s Monitoring Service is provided inside and outside the person´s home through our Watch, which includes a personal telephone line that allows the elder to communicate at all times with his or her relatives. The user should only press the button of his/her Emiti Watch to communicate with their relative. The Watch works without any internet connection, so you don´t need access to wifi, internet or any cell phone, it works without any external device; it is only necessary to have internet for the Watch registration and data of the relative responsible of the elder.